Shafaudeen ‘L Islam Fidunya Waliakhirat is an International Spiritual Islamic Organisation that spreads across Nigeria and Abroad with headquarters situated at Mafikuyomi Square, Wakajaye, Iwo-Road, Ibadan. The organisation originated from Oja’Oba, Ibadan on January 23rd  , 1983, We stand for the promotion of social justice, love, and fair play through Islamic practice to enhance spiritual awareness for integrated/social reform and national rebirth. Free spiritual healing and true faith Islamic evangelism, harmony, national cohesion and fostering of global peace.

We live by examples and pace-set ideals. We stand to break new grounds in Islamic evangelism to promote unity, and prevent crisis of opinion. Shafaudeen In Islam was founded by Rasool Shafau (Imtizala Muhammed), Alhaji Engr. Prof. S.A. Olagoke JP who was after twenty years of struggle crowned a religion warlord, the Ajagun Esin by the chief Imam of Ibadan, Alhaji Sheikh Haruna Busari on February 25, 2007 for effectiveness and all encompassing involvement of people. The Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum with members drawn from all religion denominations (AECF) was founded and set to as well accommodate all professionals in July 2007. 10 years later, he was crowned with another prestigious spiritual title of Ajagun-Nla in Islam (The Grand Warlord) by the Leagues of Imams and Alfas of Egbeda Local Govt. and its Environs, 27th November, 2016.

The situation around always arouse his curiosity into knowing more about God. He always wondered why the country with so many Mosques and Churches should continue to squalor in the midst of abundance nature is providing us. Under this state, he lost faith in religion, and then stuck to the fact that there must be a Supreme Being controlling the whole affairs of life and death. He also believed in the law of retribution and that under closely watchful moral doctrine, one could find the favour in God. Standing on this without religion’s inclination made his friend referred to him as a godist then in the university. He believes religion’s rhetorics  is no more relevant except at application level to promote moral National cohesion, global peace, through admonition, principles of tolerance, religion cooperation and free spiritual healing  and for the promotion of socio – economic upliftment through good governance.

In 1983, God manifested in him. Thus, Shafaudeen came into existence with five members for a start. The organisation grows in strength from Ibadan (the International Headquarters) to Ogun state (Ilaro, Abeokuta, Owode, Ado-Igbogila), Lagos state, Oyo Town,(Oshogbo, Ejigbo and Iwo), Kwara state (Ilorin), Niger State (Katcha, Minna), Kaduna State, Abuja (the FCT), Sokoto and Maiduguri. It further spread to oversea countries like USA, Great Britain (London), South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, Republic of Benin (seme, Cotonou, Port-Novo), the organization dedicated her ultra modern multi million-naira to Mosque to the glory of Almighty Allah in the year 2004, commissioned by Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Sheik Alhaji Busari Haroon, and the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Zuluqarmaen.

On Empowerment needs of people, this organization established: (1)Ajagun Esin Center for the physically challenged (2) Olagoke Legacy Foundation (3) Center for Religions Cooperation &Tolerance (4) Shafaudeen Medical Center, Victory Soap Industry, Block Industry, Media Resources Centre. As part of organization’s philosophy, arising from our vision, it is mandatory for a branch to embark on projects such as Mosque and Morkaz to enhance workshop and knowledge continuity. We operate the use of the Holy Quran, Hadith: Shafaudeen constitution by which we registered with corporate Affairs commission (CAC) in 1992, and sets of Bye laws to regulate our routine activities. We stand to practise pragmatic religion for the realisable objectives of Islamic goals and we teach religion harmony to keep system peace for true social development. While the secondary school- Shafaudeen comprehensive college named in the year 2009, the Minaret University was favoured with 100acres of land in Iseyin Land for Development and 10 acre of land at Abuja by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the year 2013.


Preaching and Prayer Ideal

  • To preach and practice ideals to exemplify the true meaning and teachings of Islam and the essence of Jihad of faith starting from that of self discipline.
  • To show and teach mankind about the efficacy of prayer and to promote true Islamic evangelism (K 16vs125).
  • To ensure the spiritual upkeep of members and their family (Q vs. 57).
  • To lead mankind out of the depth of darkness into light by the leave of their Lord (Q 14 vs.1).
  • To fulfill the prophecy of God in the use of the Holy Qur’an for the healing needs of mankind (Q10 vs. 57, Q 17 vs. 82).
  • To code set prayer as the only tool of communication with God even to solve problems (Q 4 vs. 5 1-52, Q12 vs. 108, Q 40 vs.60).
  • To encourage free spiritual healing in Islam for mankind (Q25 vs57, Q3 vs187; 11 vs. 51; Q 36 vs. 21).

Moral Code

  • To instill discipline based on moral codes on members in particular and mankind in general so as to be upright at all times.
  • To promote and maintain friendship, love and understanding within the rank and file of Shafaudeen members.
  • To create a forum whereby a common understanding and cordial relationship and cooperation will exist among members and among different religious bodies so as to promote peace, unity and stability in any Nation where Shafaudeen exist.
  • To stand on anti-corruption crusade through religious sanitizing and development.
    To establish and enforce moral standard for societal norms transparency and probity in governance, organizational and professional ethics.

Peaceful Co-existence and Good Neighborliness

  • To afford each member the opportunity to serve and render help to fellow members in times of need.
  • To contribute and engage in ventures which will be beneficial to members and their family e.g. health programmes and vocations for employment opportunities.
  • To maintain friendly relationship with similar organisations in any parts of the country and the world at large.
  • To promote both Islamic and Western Education based on the fear of God, by establishing relevant schools.
  • To promote ventures for economic empowerment of the organisation and to encourage vocational training for members’ empowerment too.


Justice of the Peace and  alumnus  of Christ Church SchooI, Mapo, Ibadan (1966-1971); Prospect High School, Abanla, Ibadan (1972- 1976); The Polytechnic Ibadan (1976-1977); University of Ife, now OAU (BSc Chem. Eng. 1977- 1982); University of Ibadan, Ibadan (MSc Industrial Eng. 1990); Station University Tampa Florida, USA (Phd. Comparative Religion – 1998); Bradley University, USA (Professor of Public Admin. 2010).

He is a fellow of 10 and member of 4 professional bodies. Fellow: Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering (FNATE), Nigerian Institute of Management {Chartered} (FNIM), Academy of Entrepreneurial Studies (FAES), Chartered Institute of Public  Health Management of Nigeria (CF), Institute of Cooperate Managers and Public Administrators (CF), Institute of strategic Managers(Ghana); Institute of Administrators and Research(CF); Institute of Policy Management and Development, Research Professor, Organization of Economist & Business Analysts of Nigeria.

Member: Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers (MNSChE), Nigerian Institution of Engineering Management (MNIEM), International Research and Development  Institute (MIRDI) Regd. Engr.(COREN). He is the Chairman, Senate in Africa, Bradley University.

At religion terrain, he is a member of league of Imams and Alfas of Yorubaland. He is the Ajagun Esin (Religion Warlord) Oyo State, Ajagun Nla (Grand Warlord) in Islam, Jagunmolu Adeen, Yewaland, Ogun State; Balogun Adeen, Yemetu Muslim Community Aimot Rawatib and environs N2, N4 and N5.

At Community, State and National Service levels: He is a Cousellor of Peace and Special Peace Envoy; He is a Justice of the Peace (JP), Commander of the Order of Melchizedek (COM), and Patriach of Faith (POF). He is a distinguished fellow of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Ibadan.