The organization grows in strength form Ibadan (the international headquarters) to Ogun state (Ilaro, Abeokuta, Owode, Ado-Odo, Igbogila) Oyo town, Lagos state(Ijanikin, Okokomaiko, Race-Course, Ajah, Aba Oru, Adeleye)Osun state(Oshogbo, Ejigbo, Iwo)Kwara state(Ilorin)Niger state(Katcha, Minna) Kaduna state, Abuja,(the FCT), Sokoto, and Borno state(Maiduguri). It further spreads to  overseas countries like: USA, Great Britain,(London), South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, Republic of Benin(Seme, Cotonou), Cameroun.

As part of the organization’s philosophy, arising from the founding vision, it is mandatory for all the organization’s branches to embark on project of Mosque and Morkaz to enhance workshop and knowledge continuity. The organization operates with the use of the Holy Books- qoran and Bible, Hadiths, the Shafaudeen constitution by which we registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) in 1992, and, sets of Byelaws to regulate our routine  activities.

The organization dedicated its ultra modern multi million Naira Mosque to the glory of Almighty Allah in 2003, commissioned by the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Sheik (Alhaji) Busari Haroon, and the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Zulu  Gambari.


Branches are administered by members with prerequisite qualification of Terkiyas and Terbiyas. Neighbourhood Da’awah is carried out by branches in their mosque within the neighbourhood.


On empowerment needs of the general populace and members in particular, this organization establishes:

  • Shafaudeen Group of Schools – Nursery and Primary, Secondary. The University project is ongoing
  • Shafaudeen Medical Centre
  • Shafaudeen Vocational Training and Development centre comprising -Victory soap industry, Block industry, Media Resource centre, Fashion Design, Catering etc


To extend the organization’s service to all without religious bias, the organization established Centre for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance, (an NGO) to address human problem of diseases, fight oppression, women’s human right, and to practically foster an environment of peace, progress, development and political stability.

Annual Islamic Fellowship/Convention

The organization always has her Annual Islamic Spiritual Fellowship (Ishrat) usually in the month of January.

Contributions to Human Emancipation

The organization engages in various Radio and Television  programmes awakening and channelling  the physical and spiritual development of  people. These includes:

  • Weekly Friday sermon on Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Amuludun FM)
  • Ramadan sermon on Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state, Osun state Broadcasting Corporation and Ogun  state Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Featured interviews bordering on human emancipation, good governance, on Print and Electronic media.

The organization has a Vocational Training and Development  centre in Ibadan where people are trained in vocations ranging from soap making, fashion design, catering, media editing etc. to enhance their earnings capacity.

The organization has an NGO-Centre for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance, which organizes capacity building workshop and conferences with respect to emancipation, religious tolerance, national cohesion and global peace.

The organization through its Oyo branch organizes annually, programmes bordering on women issues, with resource persons from across the country in Oyo town.

The organization networks and collaborates with like minded  NGOs – BAOBAB for women’s rights, Centre for Grassroot Women Advancement and Development(CEGWAD), National Association of Women Journalists etc. in  advancing the cause of the women folk

The organization, since 1995, annually marks various associations’ week

  • Shafaudeen Young Men and Women
  • Shafaudeen Sisters Daawah Circle
  • Shafaudeen Brothers Daawah Movement
  • Shafaudeen Association of Concerned Mothers
  • Shafaudeen Association of Fathers

Lectures cover issues affecting humanity like women and national development, Youth and Functionality in sphere of life, women in religion, parenting etc

Members of the organization are actively involved as volunteers with BAOBAB for Women Human Rights with workshops organized for the  Girl-Child, Teachers, Journalists, Women Police and Warders, Women Heads of Departments/Ministries in Oyo state, in the areas of gender sensitization, leadership and paralegal training.