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Olagoke legacy foundation (O’Leg) was founded in year 2006 by Engr. (Dr.) S.A.  Olagoke JP, out of his love for youths as empowerable instruments for national development. His support for UBE and EFA glows his curiosity to advocate for private contributions which will be role modeled through funding the cause of youth and development with particular bias to the indigent. The significance of life celebration through birth days and death terminal cannot manifest except using the occasion to impact positively on the youths for meaningful development through education. The focus is therefore centered on youths.


To see a world where education will be out to practical use of development and radiate lights in youths for meaningful contributions to the general world order where enlightenment and awareness shall enhance respect for fundamental human rights of people.


  • To discover talent through participatory education and religious tests among youths in secondary schools
  • To motivate youths into the spirit of healthy and intellectual competitions (Quiz, Debate, Writing ) through organized session at Local Government State, National and International levels.
  • To organize lecture on specifics for human and national development


  • To mobilise secondary school student towards the need for knowledge seeking and sourcing.
  • To sensitize the public on the need for synthetic education applicable for community development.
  • To organize Quiz, Debate and Essay Writing as annual event for student on religion and education.
  • To organize lecture on public peace, good governance, leadership essence, youth development and communal cooperation.
  • To carry out research and discourage indiscipline among youths.
  • To raise awareness on the need to promote youth development and defend their liberties.


O’LEG educational philosophy believes in the following that:

  • Education is a major weapon of promoting growth, development and peace.
  • parents, Society and Government must respect the rights of youths for protection and development
  • enlightened youths are creative weapons of innovations and development of any community.
  • education is the only durable and lasting legacy bequeathable to youth.
  • The future of all nations depends on the level of education and enlightenment of the youths only.
  • Religion through tolerance and cooperation can enhance team work spirit.

The Opening

  • This takes place at the International Headquarters
  • it is herald in by mobile counselling Train of the target audience – Secondary School Students
  • Opening keynote address from the initiator – Prof. S.A. Olagoke JP, also LECTURES from eminent scholars and parents drawn from various institutions of educational stakeholders.

Prize Giving Day

  • This is the closing ceremony of the competition for the year. The prize giving day falls within the month of November; the birth month of the initiator.
  • Participants from every state travel down to witness the grand finale.
  • lecture is delivered by the Initiator of O-LEG foundation, Professor S.A. Olagoke JP
  • Goodwill messages follow the lecture while prizes and certificates are given to successful candidates.


This is written in different states of the Federation, students are tested on the general subjects – Mathematics, English Language, Science.



Rasool cup is a symbol of community service, youth emancipation, national unity and international project to foster unity and peace among mankind.

The maiden edition came up in April 2005 after affiliation with the Nigerian Youth Football Coaches and Clubs Council in 2003 and management meeting with NYFCCC in 2004.


The focus is on empowering the youth without sentiment or bias through the culture of sports without hooliganism.


Rasool Cup U-18 competition was designed to allow the youth to:

  • realose their God given potential
  • expose them to outside world with high sense of belonging
  • keep up sound health and mental alertness
  • realize that life is a place of struggle before achievement can come by
  • develop to radiate the spirit of sportsmanship to promote sports without hooliganism.


2005  Shafaudeen Patriots FC

2006  Oladiti Babes

2007  Oladiti Babes

2008  Shafaudeen Patriots

2009  Shafaudeen Patriots

2010  Shafaudeen Patriots

2011  Eagle Babes

2012  Eagle Babes

2013  Spit Five FC

2014  Agboworin Babes

2015  Shafaudeen Patriots

2016  Eagle Babes

2017  Taiwo Oke

2018  —————


  • Ganiyu Oseni                                    Played for Golden Eaglets in 2007. Professional player with CSK Moscow of Russia
  • Olanrewaju Olaniyi                            Professional player in a club in Damascus Syria
  • Oyewole Kolawole Ahmed                Cardiff City, London
  • Adediran Taoreed                              Almeria Feeders Team, Spain
  • Ogunmakin Soji                                 Orlando Pirates, South Africa
  • Yemi Tokunbo                                    Chelsea Football Academy, London
  • Makinde Afees                                   South Africa. 


Shafaudeen has a eatery unit known as D Cafetaria. This unit not only serve as an empowernment to staff members in terms of job creation but also serve the entire members of the organization as well as non-members and visitors. Hygenic environment and customer’s satisfaction are ensured.